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A Letter from Dr. Chandler

When I was around ten years old, I remember having a horrible toothache. I remember my mom taking me to the dentist to have the tooth “looked at.”  The next thing I knew, I was flat on my back, and the dentist came at me with what I perceived to be a pair of oversized wire pliers.  At the age of 10, I had just had a permanent molar removed. It was an awful experience.

Growing up, we only went to the dentist when something hurt. Fast forward to my second year in college. I made the decision that I was going to get all of my teeth fixed. Every other Tuesday, which was payday, I went to the dentist to have one tooth worked on at a time. The dentist at the time was gracious enough to work within my budget. After spending so much time in the dental chair that summer, I decided to become a dentist.

Why did I decide to share part of my dental journey?  It is important for me to share with you that I have been patient and provider. I have been a fearful child. These experiences have helped to shape me into a compassionate comforter for those who come to me with their own anxiety. As a recipient and a practitioner, I have been through just about everything anyone can experience in a dental office.

If I want you to choose our office, I should probably mention the countless hours of dental continuing education I’ve taken, above and beyond the state requirements. I could tell you about all the technology we have, such as the machine that can make your crown in one visit; The CT scan that we use to detect disease, decay, and pathology at an early onset; the dental microscope, digital x-rays, and photos, and the list goes on.  All of the technology we use and the classes I have taken serve one purpose, to provide the best possible dental care available.

For our children, I’ve committed to NEVER cause a child to become a fearful adult dental patient. Most of my adult sedation patients state that the cause of their dental anxiety stems from a negative childhood experience. We take every measure to ensure that children will not have that type of experience in our office

For our adults, my role is advisory. We provide a comprehensive initial exam and tell you everything we see. I want to give you all the information possible so that you can make the best decision with regards to your oral health. There are very few procedures that I will recommend that I haven’t had done personally. So I can speak from experience when discussing possible treatment.

Here is a list of some of the work I have received myself as a patient:

  • Fillings
  • Crowns
  • Gum Graft
  • Dental implant
  • Braces (twice)
  • Root Canal
  • Extraction with bone graft
  • Failed bone graft
  • Failed root canal

I have been on both sides of the dental chair, and it is my goal to provide the same level of care to my patients that I’ve have received. I’m blessed to have a team of providers and support staff who share my commitment to compassionate and competent care. I understand and will never forget what it’s like to be a patient. I try to provide the same level of compassion to my patients that I receive when I’m on the other side of the drill.

I’ll close with this. Why did I mention the failed bone graft and root canal? I realized many years ago that I wasn’t perfect! Any healthcare provider realizes that there is no guarantee that a particular procedure will be successful.  While we use the best materials and technology available, and the best techniques possible, any time you are working with the human body, there is a chance the body won’t respond as expected. 

However, one thing I can guarantee is that we stand behind everything we do.

Thank you for your time.

Michael L. Chandler, DDS

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