Dental Implants in Edmond, OK

Diagram of dental implant going into gums at our 73013 dentist officeA tooth that is compromised or failing can cause many problems not only for your confidence, but also your dental health. Eating, chewing, smiling, and talking may all become activities you feel self-conscious about, and it’s important to think about replacing your missing tooth as soon as you can to protect your oral health.

Dr. Chandler is proud to offer innovative treatment procedures at Edmond Dental Center. Implant dentistry provides patients with the best option for restoring a missing tooth in the most natural and aesthetically pleasing way. Dental implants closely match your own dental anatomy by replacing both your root and your tooth.

How Missing Teeth Impact Your Oral Health

When your natural tooth root is lost, a few things begin to happen. First, your bone begins to deteriorate, and this can eliminate support for surrounding teeth. It can also start to change the appearance of your face, leaving you with a sunken look and aging you before your time.

If you don’t replace your missing tooth, surrounding teeth begin to move and drift into the open space, leaving you at risk for developing concerns with the alignment of your bite and your jaw joint. You also have a greater chance of developing dental issues like gum disease and tooth decay.

Comprehensive Implant Dentistry

Dr. Chandler has completed extensive training in the field of implant dentistry that allows him to guide his patients through the process of completing dental implants in Edmond from start to finish. This gives patients the peace of mind knowing they’ll be able to work with the team they trust throughout their treatment.

Using 3-D technology, your Edmond implant dentist can plan implant placement treatment before the patient’s surgical procedure, which ensures the best outcome and success rate.

The Benefits of Dental Implants in Edmond

Dental patient with dental implants in 73013There are many benefits that patients enjoy when they choose a dental implant to replace their tooth, such as:

  •     The function, look, and feel of a natural tooth
  •     A reliable treatment with a 95 percent success rate
  •     Excellent longevity since dental implants can potentially last for a lifetime
  •     Peace of mind knowing their dental health is protected

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Dr. Chandler can explain the process for moving forward with dental implants or discuss other possible treatment options if it’s determined that dental implants won’t suit your needs.

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