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Dr. Chandler makes it a priority to advance his knowledge and techniques with continuing education courses, and he also invests in much of the latest dental technology that allows us to provide a better experience for our patients. Here is some information about the dental technology you'll find at Edmond Dental Center.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays allow Dr. Chandler a more precise image that is readily available for a more accurate diagnosis. This is an invaluable tool that helps our patients to make decisions about the treatment they need more promptly.

There is also 80 percent less radiation emitted with digital x-rays than with traditional film x-rays. We are also happy that they leave less of an imprint on our environment since there are no chemicals required for development.

Rotary Endodontics

Would you be excited to know that there is a technology that makes a root canal more comfortable and efficient? Rotary endodontic tools do just that!

These tools are made of nickel-titanium, which is flexible and more comfortable for patients as opposed to the stainless steel used in the past. Rotary instruments are also electric, which means that Dr. Chandler can complete your treatment more efficiently and have you feeling back to normal more quickly. 

CEREC Crowns

If you've ever had a crown in the past, you may recall that it was quite a long process. Completing a crown used to require two long appointments at the dentist and two to four weeks for a dental lab to make your final restoration. Many patients found it hard to fit these appointments into their busy schedules.

This has all changed with innovative CEREC technology that now allows Dr. Chandler to deliver a fully customized and high-quality porcelain crown in only one visit! CEREC uses 3-D scans sent directly to a milling machine located in our Edmond dental office and designed to mill your crown while you wait. The process takes about 90 minutes, and you will leave your appointment on the same day with a beautiful crown that you can be proud of.

3-D Cone Beam

3-D cone beam scans allow Dr. Chandler to see a 3-D image of your teeth and jawbone. A 3-D picture of your teeth also helps us identify the location of sinuses and nerves. This x-ray is ideal for planning implant placement in advance, so Dr. Chandler can achieve the best results on surgery day.

3-D imaging can also assist in planning for root canal therapy, extraction, and orthodontic treatment, as well as evaluating for gum disease.

Intraoral Camera

There is no longer a need for you to question the treatment that is necessary for maintaining your dental health when you can now see exactly what Dr. Chandler sees. Our intraoral camera takes full-color pictures of your teeth and the inside of your mouth so you and Dr. Chandler can decide which treatment procedures will best suit your needs.

We can even send copies of your photos home with so you can share your findings with your loved ones.

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