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What can I eat after a root canal?

After root canal treatment, patients will typically experience post-operation soreness around the root canal site that will make chewing uncomfortable. If the patient doesn’t have their filling or crown to cover the root canal, it will further restrict their eating until they can come back in–typically a week or two later–to have the permanent tooth-colored filling or dental crown placed on the tooth.

During the post-operation period, patients should avoid hard-to-chew foods. Likewise, avoid sticky foods, as they can pull out the temporary filling the dentist put in place. Instead, you should eat foods that feel comfortable in your mouth as it heals.

Stick to soft foods like mashed potatoes, apple sauce, and yogurt after the root canal procedure to avoid aggravating the sore area of your mouth.

After your root canal procedure at your local Edmond, OK dentist office, Dr. Michael Chandler, DDS, will give you specific instructions for care and recovery, as well as a timeline for what kinds of foods you can expect to eat.

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