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Do I really have to get a crown after I have root canal treatment?

Root canals in Edmond, OK are an invaluable treatment that eliminates a dental infection and preserves your natural tooth structure, protecting it from extraction. In most cases, a tooth will need a crown following root canal treatment since your tooth is now more brittle than it used to be.

Most teeth that require a root canal have been previously compromised by a variety of factors, including decay, cracks and large fillings. A proper restoration, which is usually a dental crown, restores the tooth to the appropriate form and function. A crown also aids in the prevention of fracture and subsequent loss of a root canal tooth. By restoring your tooth with a crown after a root canal, you'll be able to rely on your tooth for eating and chewing comfortably, just as you did before.

Root Canal Treatment in Edmond, OK

There are very few situations when the opening to the root canal is tiny, and a crown may not be necessary. Dr. Chandler will evaluate your tooth before your root canal therapy and let you know if a crown will be needed to rebuild your tooth or if a permanent dental filling is sufficient to restore your tooth.

Root canals are an investment in your dental health, and a proper restoration not only protects your root canalled tooth, but it also protects your investment!

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