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Is it better to get a dental implant or a bridge?

Losing teeth can have a significant impact on both the function and appearance of your smile. Two common solutions to address the issue of missing teeth are dental bridges and dental implants. Both dental bridges and implants have their own unique set of benefits, depending on your individual needs and oral health. 

Dental Implants vs. Bridges

A dental implant replaces your tooth’s root with a durable titanium post designed to support jaw health. Over the next few months, the post will then naturally fuse to your jawbone. Once your mouth heals from implant surgery, your dentist will test the implant to make sure it’s secure enough to hold your new dental crowns. The crowns are then screwed into the implant and sealed into place, preserving your mouth’s health and integrity. Dental implants typically last a lifetime and retain your face’s natural shape. 

A dental bridge is commonly supported by your remaining teeth and requires your teeth to be whittled down to support the bridge. Bridges have a lifespan of around ten years and can be replaced with new, durable crowns. 

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Every patient is different, so there’s no one right answer to whether dental bridges or implants are best. Whether you’re looking for dental bridges or dental implants in Edmond, OK, Dr. Chandler and our team have you covered. To ensure you receive the best possible treatment, Dr. Chandler will assess your oral health and prescribe comprehensive dental care for your needs. 

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