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What is the procedure for a tooth extraction?

Man with severe tooth pain in need of dental extraction in Edmond OKWhile our adult teeth should last a lifetime, there are many reasons a patient may need a tooth extraction. Whether to prevent infection from spreading or because the tooth is too damaged to save, our dentists at Edmond Dental Center provide gentle and comfortable tooth extractions. 

Procedure for a Tooth Extractions in Edmond, OK

There are two types of procedures that patients can expect, simple or surgical. 

Simple extraction

Dr. Michael Chandler will administer local anesthetic to make sure the process is stress-free and pain-free. Your dentist can easily remove the tooth using dental equipment. During the simple extraction procedure, patients may feel pressure. The dentist may need to loosen it up for removal, which can cause pressure but no pain.  

Surgical extraction

This surgical procedure requires both IV anesthesia and local anesthesia. This will ensure that patients feel relaxed and dreamy and may need a driver after the treatment. We always want our patients to feel happy and comfortable. 

If the tooth is impacted, Dr. Chandler will carefully remove the gum that covers the tooth before removing the tooth. 

How Can I Prevent Tooth Extraction?

An estimated 30 percent of adult tooth decay is caused by having a dry mouth. People taking multiple medications, whether prescription or over the counter, are at a significantly higher risk of developing a dry mouth. 

Common drugs that cause dry mouth are those used for cancer treatment, depression, anxiety, pain, allergies, colds, obesity, acne, epilepsy, high blood pressure, nausea, asthma, and the list goes on. Our team can help you select the best dental products to use at home to lower your risk of tooth decay, which may ultimately lead to extraction.

It's also important to adhere to excellent oral hygiene at home with regular brushing and flossing.

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There are several reasons why dental extraction might be recommended, including overly crowded teeth, infection, dental emergencies, and more. 

Dr. Michael Chandler and his exceptional dental team are ready to provide a tooth extraction near Edmond, OK. Contact Edmond Dental Center for more information on our procedures. 

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